movement and place > everything needed can be carried

I wanted to devote myself to my lost sibling through deep connections with the landscape. These places were identified by way of intentional wandering and the contemplative act of placing seeds, grains and minerals from my kitchen on discovered rocks. The nutritive patterns made them highly visible ornaments that became slowly altered through time and dispersed through existing biological systems. The sites where these stones were adorned became meaningful through repeated visitation and making.

The poetics of 'everything needed can be carried' came from a morning of appreciation for the 'everything bagel'. The simple idea of bread with a variety of flavors speckled liberally on it's surface lead me to think of a stone as a loaf of bread. Hence came the seeded stone offering in which everything needed can be carried. The bakers idea of 'everything' is a version of plentifulness and can equate to the infinite.

A community drawing project called 'Draw Pangea' was facilitated at the Santa Fe Arts Institute to further contemplate on connectivity.