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Project Blog:

Where the Fruits of Labor Reside was a collaborative project with the city of Visalia and sculptor Duane McDiarmid featuring over 160 individually painted portraits of locals who work in all aspects of the community's produce economy. These portraits were based on individual exchanges, and were presented via mobile textile gallery, a luxurious velvet curtained shelter containing a tiered mountain of gold leafed produce. The produce was donated from local growers and adorned with gold leaf by volunteers from the community; agri worker's, local politicians, business owners, and other community members. Additional paintings of native plants were included and could be identified as vital native or invasive features of the landscape.

As many of the workers did not legally reside in Visalia, the painted portraits functioned as both recognition and privacy, acknowledging presence without revealing distinctive likeness. Individuals are recognizable and yet not fully 'exposed' by photographic realism.