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Walk with my Son Arlo in Wildwood Park, Thousand Oaks, CA. The location where my sisters have walked since birth, and where my deceased sister's ashes are spread.

Dear sister, when returning from a difficult journey, do not regret if others did not reciprocate gentle speech. Do not doubt your actions or words. Forgive yourself and come from love. Take extra care when you carry the heaviest load with the weariest gait. Do not turn on your sound mind if others are not strong. In these moments of struggle, shed yourself like old skin to reveal a truer nature.

When you are your most vulnerable, you are invulnerable.

The evaporation plate from the site where Renee’s ashes were spread, on her birthday at sunset. It records the walk and offers a landscape of future promise. We walked together at Wildwood Park, California where our father spread your ashes in among the roots of a giant prickly pear cactus. Here, you will always be protected. Sara is the youngest sister. Her adult life waits for her just beyond the horizon.

Wildwood Park, California
Wildwood Park, California