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The counter weight of water is a surrogate for a sister body, and provides me with an active and responsive, yet contemplative space to engage the dynamic of giving and receiving. The grieving body transgresses the corporeal. It can pass through objects in timelessness.

'dance with you' is a project that spans the year 2012, and consisted of a series of walks with women. The weight of loss becomes lightened in the company of other women. The video documents the walks as they transform into a dance, one resulting from a willingness to accept one's circumstances so she can continue to transform. Collaboration with the water pendulum is a means to unify the series of walks initiated in a variety of geographic locations and circumstances.

Numerous practices of 'dance with you' took place in the New Mexico landscape; mountain ridges, along fallen trees, on the shores of mountain lakes and salt beds. It was ritualized as a morning and afternoon practice integral to other studio activities and social events. The Santa Fe Arts Institute functioned as a hub and gathering place.

dance with you